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Type in “where can I find cheap voice over artists” into Google and you’ll get about 11,000,000 results, that’s how popular it is. But be careful! Popular doesn’t mean it’s good and just because everyone’s doing it, doesn’t mean that you should too. In the case of voice overs, you should never chase a cheap voice over artist. We’ll tell you why and what you can do instead.

We get our fair share of this question and others like it at Voice123. Voice seekers from many walks of life – new to the VO industry, new to marketing, folks who have small businesses or students – will ask us where they can find cheap voice over artists or where they can find a cheap voice over. We’re always eager to share the secret, so here it is:

Stop looking for cheap voice over artists! Just don’t do it – it’s going to cost you way more money in the long run. Instead, look for affordable and talented voice over artists with proper equipment and experience in the industry. Where can you go for that? Voice123 is your best choice: we have thousands of talented actors, a wide range of experience levels (and therefore prices), and we are free to use! Forget having to pay extras fees, with Voice123 you deal directly with the talent you hire, and you only pay for the perfect voice over.

The myth of cheap voice overs

Let’s reiterate: cheap voice overs aren’t cheap after all. You’ll end up paying way more money than you anticipated getting re-takes, losing business opportunities because your brand looks cheap, and then finally giving in and finding the talent you should’ve hired in the first place. The reason that cheap voice overs are cheap is because the person doing them lacks experience, doesn’t have the right equipment or doesn’t spend enough time on it. We work with a lot of actors and trust us; it’s extremely rare that a professional will work for far less than what they’re worth. Which means that when you get a cheap voice over, it’s not a professional, and it’s not a good choice for your voice over needs. Here’s what you’re in for:

  • Bad audio quality: if it’s cheap, it means that the sound quality won’t be the best you can get. Expect recordings with background noise and echoes.
  • Bad equipment: closely tied with bad audio quality, someone who does voice overs on the cheap probably hasn’t invested in proper equipment. Expect low-quality microphones, cell phone recordings, and bad soundproofing.
  • Bad editing: not only are cheap voice overs rife with bad audio; the editing is usually cut-and-paste and amateur. Expect sloppy and choppy audio.
  • Bad acting: You can’t compare the acting in your niece’s school play with Lin-Manuel Miranda’s acting in Hamilton. Insist on a cheap VO? Expect lifeless voices or over-the-top exaggeration and nothing in between. As a bonus, you can expect hearing the insides of people’s mouths, sibilance, and plosives.
  • Bad service: if it’s cheap, it means the person doing it probably has to whip out VOs faster than a hot dog vendor at a baseball game. Expect missed deadlines, sloppy reads and a lot of begging for retakes.

Why you need a professional voice over

Resist the urge to cut corners and hire a professional. There’s a reason that some people are professional voice over artists and the rest of us are not. If you’re a multi-billion dollar company, you’re going to need someone that sounds believable, memorable and can offer the best audio quality and equipment. Likewise, if you’re just starting off, have a small business or project, you need to meet the same standard set by established companies. Anything in between also needs a professional voice over talent unless you don’t want people to take your business or project seriously. Professional voice talents will make sure that your project sounds fantastic –  the perfect voice, superb acting, and excellent sound. Not only that, professional actors will save you money in retakes, win you business with prestige and they’ll never waste your time with a bad voice over. Here’s what you can expect with professionals:

  • Expert audio quality: Professionals have dedicated their careers to delivering high-quality audio so you can expect clear audio, free of noise and echoes.
  • Expert equipment: Full-time voice over actors will most definitely invest in the best equipment. Expect studio quality recordings with the latest technology.
  • Expert editing: You can’t do voice overs professionally without knowing how to editing audio correctly. Expect never knowing if they made any mistakes; they’re that good.
  • Expert acting: Professionals know how to grab listeners’ attention and emphasize certain parts of the text, essentially taking the listener on a journey. Expect beautiful enunciation, intonation, tone, pitch and delivery.
  • Expert service: professionals choose the jobs they pitch for carefully and dedicate time to each project because their name and reputation depend on it. Expect agreed-upon deadlines, professional treatment, and outstanding customer service.
  • Expert add-ons: professional voice talents will go the extra mile and add pre-, post-, and production services like copywriting, translations, adding music or special effects and more. Expect to save time and headaches coordinating with multiple people.

Where can I find GOOD voice over artists?

Now that we’ve busted the myth of a cheap voice over, where can you go to get good, affordable voice over artists? On Voice123 of course! We have a database of thousands of actors in more than 89 languages, across a spectrum of ages and genders. Whether you need someone based close to you or across the globe, you’re sure to find what you need for your movie trailer, commercial, video game, business presentation, training and more.

How to find voice actors using Voice123

Finding an actor on our platform is ideal because it’s easy and it’s free. Create a buyer account first. Rest easy knowing that we never give out your personal information and actors are heavily discouraged from scoping you out and contacting you without your permission. After you create your account you have two options:

  1. Post a project:

Fill out a quick form and let us know what you’re looking for. It takes less than 2 minutes if you know exactly what you want. We ask you everything from what age and gender, language, where it will be broadcast and more. The more information you fill in, the better the auditions you get will be because the actors have a better idea of what you need. Next, you can choose whether you want us to send automatic invitations or if you’d like to send your direct invitations. Actors will audition for your project, and you can choose which one fits your needs best.


  • SmartCast sends invitations to talents that match your project, and you get to sit back and start receiving auditions in as little as 15 minutes.
  • If you choose to send direct invitations, you can invite whomever you want. Like someone’s demos? You can hear what they’ll sound like reading your script. There’s no better way to ensure you get the perfect voice.
  • Set your budget and you’ll only get auditions from voiceover artists who will work within your budget or set the budget as TDB and receive quotes from actors so you can choose which one fits into your plans.

2. Send direct invitations

Maybe you’re looking for someone in particular, or you’re looking for something niche. You’ll always have the option of searching our voices database to find the actor you need for your project.


  • Search by keywords to find that perfect “homely, husky” voice or “Morgan Freeman impersonation.”
  • Search by location so you can easily see who’s in your area if you want to bring them in to record in your studio.
  • Search niche languages and accents quickly and see results from our Standard members as well as Premium members.

Use Voice123 the next time you need to find voice over artists because you don’t need to choose between cheap voice overs and expensive voice overs. Instead, with Voice123 you can find good, talented and affordable artists for all kinds of projects. The best part: you’ll deal directly with the talents you choose, and this is all entirely free for buyers.

If you were one of the people who Googled “where can I find cheap voice over artists?” we hope you’ve seen the light. We can’t say it enough – cheap voice overs just aren’t any good. Instead, what you want to look for is quality, affordable voice overs. Cheap voice overs are riddled with bad quality, bad equipment, bad editing, bad acting and bad service. You might save money today, but it will cost you down the road when your brand looks bad or when you have to repay a professional to do the work right. You’re much better off saving your time and energy and going with a professional voice talent right off the bat. With a professional you can expect expert quality, expert equipment, expert editing, expert acting and expert service. Not only that, many talents will offer additional services so you can save time, energy and money in pre-, post- and production. In today’s world, where we receive information so quickly and judge it even quicker, it’s important to make a great impression from the beginning. Professional voice overs will do just that and with Voice123, they don’t have to break the bank.

You can find the perfect voice over for your project right now on Voice123 either by posting a project or searching our database of thousands of talents. You’re sure to find something within your budget that will make you look like a million bucks. Best of all, it’s free to use. So stop Googling “Where can I find cheap voice over artists” and post a project or search our database right now!