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Voice Actor loud noiseDid you spend lots of money getting your demos professionally produced? That’s cool and all, but you need to be able to deliver that same sound when you are actually hired.

The following is an actual email from a Voice123 client:


I have had this issue a number of times now and it’s really really frustrating. I find some voice samples for a client, they listen and choose the one they want. I take it to the talent and agree on a price. Then I get a recording that sounds like a bad skype talk recorded on the built in laptop mic – in a bathroom.

The quality of the demos are what a client and I buy. I’m really frustrated by people doing a deal on a Ferrari and the they deliver a rusty Toyota.

The response is usually “yeah but those were made in a studio” What a talent delivers, and makes quotes for should quality wise be on par with the demos on their profile. I have wasted hours on project management and days waiting for something I cant use. If a talent cant deliver what their demos suggest from their home studio – that should be noted, and the price of a studio included when they give a quote.

Every talent should have this note:

The client expects all deliveries to be of the same quality as your demos! Do not apply for jobs where you can’t deliver that – or note the client upfront.

Now, I DO highly recommend getting help producing your demo. Keep in mind that clients listen to about nine whole seconds of your demo. Yeah, 9. That’s not a typo. So you need to make sure it’s the best damn nine seconds they’ve ever heard so they continue listening to yours after blazing through the rest. A professional set of ears can help you determine what scripts best suit your voice and ensure that your demo is up to industry standards. However, if you can’t deliver what you promise in your demo, you are going to create some really irritated potential clients (who will probably never contact you again).

What we find here on Voice123, is that clients just want to hear some actual work samples. We recommend uploading a sample in each category: commercial, audiobook, etc. so when the client does a search, they hear samples related to the project they have in mind. These samples should showcase not only your voice, but the quality of audio you can deliver.

Any tips for creating an awesome demo?

photo credit: hebedesign via photopin cc