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They say that with great power comes great responsibility and there’s no situation more appropriate to use this cliché than with working from home.



The freedom to make your own schedule, choose when to take time off and be your own boss comes with a big price tag called discipline. That’s the key to successfully working from home. At Voice123, we want to make sure you have all the tools to succeed in the voiceover industry so we’ve collected a few of our favourite tips on how to succeed when you’re working from home.

1. Get professional training

When you work from home, you don’t have co-workers you can turn to and ask quick questions. This means that you have to be an expert at what you do. We recommend all of our talents get professional training so they’re ready for anything that buyers throw their way.

2. Set up a professional home studio

In an industry where people don’t meet you face-to-face, the quality of your audio is the equivalent of how you dress. It matters! To get the best quality audio, you’ll need to set up a home studio. No need to buy a mansion, a closet or small room will work just fine. Invest in high quality technology and impress clients with your audio when you can’t impress them with a well-tailored suit.

3. Use a Pomodoro timer

This is a Voice123 favourite! The Pomodoro technique uses timed-slots to increase motivation and productivity. Find an app online or on your phone and work in 25 minutes chunks. If you find the hardest part of your day is getting started, Pomodoro timers will give you that boost and that gets you into a working groove.

4. Link your email to your phone

SmartCast can send you invitations anytime because we can’t tell when you’re in your studio or just hanging out on the couch. Keep on top of all your invitations by subscribing to our email notifications and making sure to link your email to your phone. This way, you can see invitations when they come in and if a project screams your name, you can hop in the studio and submit an audition on time.

5. Have a local studio to work with

Some projects require technology that you might not have in your home studio but if you have a local studio that you can work with, you’ll never have to pass up a project again! Tack the price of the studio time into your quote and watch your reputation for delivering exactly what buyers want grow.

6. Get out and network

A lot of our best talents are friends that met at events. Like any industry, networking plays a big role in the voiceover industry. Get out there, attend conferences and events and don’t forget that networking is about giving as much as you want to get.

7. Structure your days

We’re not going to tell you to wake up early if you absolutely hate it but you should have a certain structure to your days. Research shows that a solid routine helps you get work done and trains your brain to know when to work and when to rest. Keep track of your days for a week and then study it to realize when you work best and what routines work for you. Then experiment with it until you find the perfect routine!


We know that new habits are hard to form, but discipline is a muscle worth stretching. What are your tried and true tips for working from home? Let us know in the comments below, on Facebook or via Twitter!