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Voice overs are both an art form and a powerful marketing tool. When it comes to marketing, amateur voice overs simply don’t cut it.

Voice overs are an integral part of marketing, and the voice over for your advertisements can make the difference between a marketing campaign that compels the audience to buy, or one that simply puts them off. In short, a slick voice-over is vitally important for any audio-visual marketing campaign. Here are 5 reasons your campaign needs a professional voice over and why you shouldn’t be tempted to do it yourself.

Voice Overs Are a Real Skill – Not Everyone Can Do Them

Voice overs are an art. You may think that it is simply saying a few lines about a product or service, but it goes way beyond that. Have you ever wondered why professional actors are often voice-over artists? Because their skills are the same – voice over artists need to gauge the product and the target audience and deliver the script it in a way that is natural, fluid and compelling. Just as they do with fictional characters, voice over artists makes the product come alive. Needless to say, that is very difficult.

There Are Real Marketing Techniques Voice Over Artists Use

There are certain tricks of the trade that voice over artists use to highlight your product. People respond to a certain intonation, tone, pitch and delivery. Professionals know how to grab listeners’ attention and emphasize certain parts of the text, essentially taking the listener on a journey. These techniques take a long time to develop and cannot be learned overnight.

Professional Voice Overs Are a Hallmark of Professional Marketing Video

If you are looking to launch a start-up or promote your business, there are several things you need to get right, and one of those is marketing. If you are delivering a video marketing campaign, you need to meet the same standard set by established companies. An amateur job with you doing the voice overs simply won’t cut it. Within seconds, listeners can hear whether it is a professionally made video or an amateur one – and the narration is the immediate giveaway.

Sorry, Your Voice Isn’t Up to the Job

There is a reason why some people are professional voice over artists and the rest of us are not. Some people simply have voices that are distinctive, whether they are laden with gravitas or are silky smooth. Whatever the nuances and style of a particular professional voice over artist, they can do something you and I can’t. They make a product sound believable. How many times have you seen a marketing video for a potentially great new product or service, with great infographics and editing but the dull, lifeless narration that lets it down? Resist the temptation to cut corners – it will do you no favors.

Professional Voice Overs Inspire Confidence and Are Cheaper Than You Think

Marketing 101 dictates that the shinier the box, the fewer people care what’s inside. Even if your product is amazing, a large part of your success depends on the image you create in your marketing campaign rather than the actual product itself. Your product could be revolutionary, but it won’t get off the ground unless it is sold by marketing. For this to happen, consumers need to be inspired by your product, and that is all in the delivery. A slick 30-second voice over can inspire trust and confidence in your product.

At the very budget end, an amateur voice over artist can be hired for a little as $5 on some sites. But for a more established agency looking for professional voice over artists, your short video can have a professional touch by TV and radio artists – all at a reasonable cost. Remember that the internet has made services like this much more affordable.

Voice Over in Advertising

If you want to launch a professional marketing campaign with video content, there is a certain level of professionalism that needs to be met. Whilst we are in the age of self-promotion that allows us to create and publish our own content, marketing a product is a very different ballgame. Whether it is on TV, your website, radio or YouTube, a professional voice over gives your product or service credibility.

A good voice over in advertising will inspire confidence, paint a picture and use techniques to hook and draw in the listener. Professional voice overs are not just a basic requirement, but a golden opportunity.