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For a voice over talent who’s new to the industry or new to the online market, it can be hard to decide which of the many Pay-to-Play or P2P sites to invest in. You need to know which sites have the best voice acting jobs, which ones are best for auditioning for jobs and which ones have the best buyers who hire voice actors. In recent months, we have received many messages describing success stories of jobs landed through Voice123. These comments, coming from satisfied talents with our platform and our services, made us think of the need for talents, new Voice123 members mostly, to know what we are doing well. In other words: what makes us the right choice for new talents in this industry? Pay close attention, you will not want to miss the following details:

We offer consultations

we offer consultation







We understand that online casting is new to many and we want to help. Even though we recommend coaching both for vocal technique and audio tech training, talents may need some other information and guidelines to succeed in this fast-paced business environment. We are always open and willing to give you advice on how to effectively use our platform. You can get in touch with our Community Advocate team to ask how to best use the platform for your individual needs, learn how to optimize your profile to get direct visitors and invitations and dive deeper into what makes you a unique talent and use that to market yourself more efficiently.

When it’s a matter of quality and technical advice we prefer that a specialist gives you their input and helps you improve those aspects that need attention. For this reason we can put you in contact with voice coaches that we trust, they will assess you on different attributes such as, your voice, your delivery and your marketability. At the end of the session, they’ll give you their thoughts on your potential and will give you recommendations on how to improve your demos.

If you’re new to the industry, these helpful sessions with our Community Advocates and our recommended voice coaches will give you insights and connections into the industry that you can use to boost your career faster than trying to reinvent the wheel yourself.

We’re not middlemen, but we set standards

we are not middle men

As you all know, we are an open marketplace for both, talents and buyers. We have the responsibility to protect the interest of both parties, but also it is important to highlight that our philosophy is to always be a middleman-less tool and to be involved as little as possible when it comes to letting buyers and talents negotiate and come to an agreement about pricing and payment methods. We do this because it creates a relationship between buyers and talents that transcends our platform, encouraging buyers to reach out to talents they’ve hired before to work on new projects. However, we realize the importance of our involvement to ensure that industry standards are met, especially when it comes to the rates of a project. Voice actors deserve to be paid their worth and like we’ve said before, cheap voice overs aren’t worth the hassle or the lower quality. With this in mind, we put in place a policy to ensure that our buyers pay a minimum of $100 per recorded minute, as per request of the community. We are now enforcing this and we encourage all of you to report any buyer trying to mislead voice actors by using the “To Be Defined” budget feature but adding in the project description that they have a low budget for the project. We will not accept these kind of jobs unless the person posting it can demonstrate they are a student or they belong to a non profit organization.

We’ll help you create an amazing profile

amazing profile

Our goal here at Voice123 is to help you succeed as a voice actor above all else.  Profiles are the most important tool to receive SmartCast invites. Therefore, you want to make sure that your profile is filled out properly. If you feel that you are missing out SmartCast invitations that match your profile, it might be because your profile is not as complete as it could be. Feel free to contact us and our Voice123 team of experts will give you a complete analysis on what information to add to your profile in order to fully benefit from the Premium membership.

We have more projects and new buyers every day

new buyers

Since the release of the new version of the post a project form and the automation of the project approvals, more and more buyers are posting jobs with us every day. This year alone, we have processed more than 15.000 SmartCast enabled projects, not to mention the other thousands of SmartCast disabled projects created and direct messages sent. These two simple improvements have made the process from the moment a buyer posts a projects until they start receiving auditions, much faster and efficient. Additionally, we’re working hard on bringing new buyers through a variety of strategies, which we discussed in this past blog. Make sure to take a look at our growth.

We give you important information about the buyer before you audition

important information

Since Voice123 works as an open marketplace to find and hire voice over talent, your profile is open to receive messages and invitations from any user. It’s up to you to determine which users you want to work with and recognize potential leads for your business. To help you make an informed decision, we provide you with useful stats you can find by clicking on the orange button at the bottom of the Project details (click here to learn more about this voice seeker), like:

    • Do they listen to auditions? (% of auditions/proposal opened (listened to or deleted))
    • Are they posting for the first time? (Number of projects posted with SmartCast enabled or SmartCast disabled)
    • Do they know how to write a script or project description? (You simply have to see how someone writes the original description and script to judge if they are professional).

At Voice123 we empower voice actors to research and vet their clients so they can ensure the best working conditions for themselves. With these tools, you can make informed decisions before you audition and then carry out further checks when you’re hired. Please be advised that we are building a community of professionals. Most buyers that use Voice123 do not want to be contacted directly and their privacy and time should be respected. In case you have doubts about a project or a buyer, you can reach out to us via email (to help@voice123.com), or be social with us: nothing would make us happier than to chat with you via our social channels: Facebook, Twitter, InstragramLinkedIn or Google+.

We foster a community:

IMG_20160513_192314 (1)

When you are a member of Voice123, you are welcomed and encouraged to be an active part of our community. Check our forums, ask questions and help out other voice actors by giving answers to their concerns. These interactions are extremely valuable, you will learn, you will meet people and most of all, you will bring your voice over career to the next level.

If you’re a buyer, you can use our community to tap into what voice actors want or ask other buyers for tips on posting a project to get more auditions that fit what you need. Getting involved in communities in the industries that you work in is an excellent way to get better at what you do and ensure that your projects are the best they can be.

We have SmartCast, the best matching tool in the industry


This is the essence of Voice123, it is an algorithm designed to connect buyers to the best voice over talents. After a buyer posts a project, SmartCast finds the best talents using several factors and systematically invites them to submit auditions until the project’s quota or deadline is met.

It’s very important to understand from the very beginning that one of the goals of SmartCast is to maintain the fairness of the marketplace by evenly distributing project invitations among all Voice123 premium members. The common thought is “audition more to book more”. Well, that doesn’t work with our algorithm. Think of SmartCast as if it was a really good agent. Good agents match voice actors with auditions that they feel are the best match to that voice actor. We suggest you to audition to those jobs that best match your profile, in other words: be selective; maybe you will start auditioning less, but you will start booking a higher percentage of jobs and at a higher rate. In return, you will receive better feedback which will increase your rankings and thus, you’ll start getting more suitable invitations to audition.


Getting started with anything is tough but you’re one set ahead when you get started with Voice123. The beauty of our platform is that we go deeper than just a platform to audition for jobs. If you use Voice123 thoroughly, you’ll notice that we’re the best platform to use if you want to build client relationships. It’s not uncommon that buyers will return to voice actors to hire them again if their first experiences with them were positive. Not only that, learning to build relationships is the key to success in an industry so heavily dependent on your network, like the voice over industry is. So, you want to be effective in Voice123 and in the voiceover industry? Make sure you build great relationships with every client and don’t forget to tap into the many resources that we offer you. We’re here to help you succeed in the voiceover industry because we want to make a difference for everyone involved in the industry.

We always look forward to hearing from all of you. Please send us your thoughts, feedback, and comments!