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To many people, the commercials between their regularly scheduled programming is a convenient time to get up, stretch out, make a sandwich or to take a much needed lavatory break. Often times, your consumer is distracted by everyday life during your 30 seconds with them, and therefore they may need an auditory addition to your commercial in order for your company to be better noticed. Wouldn’t it be great if your commercial could more effectively attract your audience when they would otherwise be distracted? A quality, professional voice over accompanying the visuals in your commercial would encourage the audience’s attention to your product or service. So why are professional voice over artists’ imperative for use in your television commercials?

Digital Voices Are Heartless… Literally

With a lack of a digital heartbeat, comes the lack of human emotion.  It may seem like an easy, cost effective alternative to create a digital voice using online software, but a robotic, monotone voice does little to appeal to the human emotions present in your consumers, and therefore is difficult to connect with. Robotic voices are generic and do not utilize the same inflection and tones that humans do, and cannot pause appropriately for effect like a human can. Also, choosing your language and voice gender from a list of voices does not take into consideration regional pronunciation of words. According to Farhood Manjoo’s article on Slate, “When listening to long passages, you can’t help but compare the computer’s voice with a human’s—and the computer shrinks in the comparison.”

Viewers Are Emotional Beings

Your viewers are only human, and clearly, a digital voice cannot accommodate human emotions and needs. People thrive on making connections, whether it be with other people or animals, products or services. Since people connect better with other people over technology, it only makes sense that a human voice would be a significant improvement over a non-human voice. Hiring a professional voice over artist can allow for a viewer to relate better to your commercial, and therefore, make a positive impact on the consumer.

Trust and Confidence in the Digital Age

Just like in any relationship, trust is important. Everyone has a brand name they trust above all others, and your company wants to be that brand. Effective television advertising starts with a great script paired with an exceptional voice and visually appealing graphic design. The more professional your commercial advertising, the more trustworthy your product and the more likely that your customers will have confidence in your product or service.

Why Spend Money On a Professional Voice Over?

Nearly everyone has a voice, so why is it so important to pay someone to read a script when your employee, cousin, or best friends’ neighbor has a unique voice? In conversation, a voice sounds natural and comfortable. When it comes to reading a script, an untrained voice can sound lifeless and monotonous. A benefit of advertising on television is that it showcases your product or service in a way that breathes life into your company.  When your message reaches the masses, they expect professionalism. According to Kate Grana in her article in The Women’s Journals, a professional voice over artist can “make your commercial come alive with the correct approach to your message.” Make the message you send to your potential customers a professional one.

The Best Voice for the Job

By now you may have decided on hiring a voice over artist, but where do you begin in your search for the right one?  Every project is different, and the choice on which voice to use is dependent upon the product or service you are offering. A product or service aimed at a child could best be provided by a professional with a friendly demeanor, or possibly even a child voice over artist because children will relate best to a friendly adult or someone their own age. Likewise, a message aimed at senior citizens may be most effectively conveyed by a more mature voice. You should also take into consideration whether to utilize a male or a female voice, or whether an accent would be appropriate to your demographic. Consider your message, and choose a voice based on your needs.

There are many things to consider when putting together an effective television advertisement. One of those considerations is the use of a professional voice over artist to convey the message to your viewers and pique their interest. Building that emotional connection with your potential consumers by utilizing a human voice over a digital voice can be a great way to build trust with the viewer. Your television advertisement needs a voice that is just right for your product, and hiring a professional to provide that voice is the right move for your company.