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If you don’t want to ruin your good video with bad narration, it’s important to find the right voice for your movie trailer. A professional regards his/her voice as an instrument to relate your narrative in the appropriate style and set just the right atmosphere. You should hire a professional voice-over artist for your movie trailer because he or she will possess the following qualities to make your trailer stand out:

Clarity and Flexibility

The best artists are known for the clear quality and flexibility of their respective voices. It’s paramount that your message is conveyed clearly to your prospective movie audience. By using a professional, you can find a voice artist who possesses the range of voice qualities you need – maybe energetic, casual, formal, smooth, husky, or rough-edged. Different movies will require different voice personalities for their trailers. It’s not just one voice!

Impeccable Enunciation

A great voice actor will pronounce all of the words in the script correctly, and enunciate them in a clear and confident manner. Poor articulation can adversely affect the image of your movie and the message being conveyed. Professional voice over artists can find the balance between natural speech and enunciation and can push their vocal inflections and emotions.

Voice Acting

Voice overs are an art form. The voice over should be slightly larger than life – a little over the top! Simply put, you don’t just need someone with good speaking skills; you need a talented voice artist who can act. There is a voice out there that can bring your script effortlessly to life, and add excitement and emotion when necessary. Professionals know how to crank things up just enough to grab the attention of your audience. There are different sounds to suit different trailers – for example, a dark sound to depict a scared or sad mood, an upbeat sound representing happiness, or an amusing sound for a comedy. Check out this great example of a dark voice.

Appropriate Pacing

Pacing is another essential ability in a voice artist. A narrator with perfect enunciation and pronunciation will provide a poor performance without proper pacing. However, by utilizing the right tempo and rhythm during a voice-over, a talented professional will bring the necessary personality and creativity to your trailer’s narration.

Natural Articulateness

While voice artistry is a talent that can be developed over time, some professionals possess a natural articulateness. This quality is especially useful to you if you need a native speaker of a particular language or a natural speaker of a certain dialect or idiom.

The Professional Voice Over in Movie Trailers

The “Mr. Announcer Voice” of the past is no longer in vogue. You recognize the sound, a big, deep voice, always talking down to you! Nowadays, in the digital age, movie trailers are found on YouTube, Facebook, or Vevo, with written descriptions. Hundreds of websites supply movie news, release dates, rumors, trailers, even teaser trailers and teaser trailers for the teaser trailers! This begs the question – does the potential movie audience need voice overs anymore? The answer is a resounding YES.

If you have a great script for your movie trailer, that’s just the beginning – don’t waste it! The hook to gain the attention of your viewers and get them into a movie theater stems from the clear, appropriate, and creative delivery of your message.

The right sound in your movie trailer can create an enormous amount of “buzz” for your movie. Just look at the excitement generated by the rumor that that the voice in the Star Wars The Force Awakensteaser trailer was that of Andy Serkis. Find the professional where the artist’s personal style meets the specific requirements of your project, and you have success!