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Today’s guest post is from our very own Client Services Ninja, Tara Kray. If you’ve contacted our support team recently, there’s a good chance she assisted you. :)

Tara Kray Voice123Here at Voice123, we are contacted by people for all sorts of reasons.  But, it’s not too often that we get a call from someone who basically just wants to give our voice actors money!  You’re asking, HOW can this be? Well, let me tell ya!  The folks at SmilesForAll.com have been posting Voice123 projects, but they are not your typical voice over jobs. Instead of asking for an audition, they are looking for people to record and send in funny stories. That’s right. No audition necessary.  Just record a funny story, and if they like it, they will pay you.  I knowwwwwww wierd, right?  We’re used to being evaluated and judged for things that are completely out of our control!  How can it be that someone wants to pay us for for simply sharing a funny story?  This CANNOT be legit!

Except that it totally is.  :)  I uploaded a story, and got a check in the mail in under two weeks.

Here it is:  http://www.smilesforall.com/art/

I spoke to Emily at Smiles For All, and here is what she has to say about the site:

“We hope that the site will be an oasis for people to come, kick back, and feel safe enjoying the upbeat humor and funny stories.  We’re dedicated to celebrating everyday life and creating a community of fun, playful people who make the world as special, quirky, and different as it is.”

smiles for all voice123 projectHere is the project description:  SmilesForAll.com is looking for people to record and send us podcasts of their funny true stories. We are the go-to place for funny true stories, videos, photos and podcasts. Our content is upbeat, playful, funny, celebratory, and true. You can send us something completely new or something that is already out there.

Upon acceptance you will be paid at least $80 depending upon the quality of the work (humor, nature of content, background music and other effects, etc.)

Submit, get paid and spread SMILES!

Note US Citizens: Before we can accept and pay you for any contribution, you will need to fill out a W9 form and a Release Form.

If you’d like to submit, (and I hope you do) please go to http://voice123.com/lv/106171.html and use the following verification code when asked: 1E219A

She also told me that they are really happy with the submissions they have gotten from Voice123, but they want more.  Yes, she basically called and told me that they want to pay more people money.  So, while you’re sitting around waiting for that awesome audition to come in, why don’t you send them a funny story? :)