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Have you seen this? The story behind Voice123

This is the story of Alex Torrenegra and Tania Zapata and how they successfully launched Voice123 being part-time entrepreneurs. Check the original post here.

The year was 2002.
Tania and I […]

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Let us introduce you to the GVAA Rate Guide!

In this post, we want to present you an incredibly valuable resource. It provides a significant opportunity for everyone in the business to learn about fair rates. David Toback […]

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What Makes Voice123 The Right Choice for new Voice Actors


For a voice over talent who’s new to the industry or new to the online market, it can be hard to decide which of the many Pay-to-Play or P2P […]

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Get the auditions you want on Voice123

Your profile can make or break your voiceover career, simply as that. A sloppy profile will reflect badly on your work and an incomplete profile could be the reason […]

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We asked: why cut out the middleman?

It started when Alex met Tania… Tania was an aspiring voice actress who ran into lots of middlemen trying to get a piece of the voiceover pie. Alex, an […]

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Getting voice over work is not random or a matter of luck

Being lucky can mean anything from finding a penny on the ground to getting your dream voice over job. It is well said that “the best way to predict […]

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    Reason #396 why working with Voice123 is the best: working from home

Reason #396 why working with Voice123 is the best: working from home

They say that with great power comes great responsibility and there’s no situation more appropriate to use this cliché than with working from home.


The freedom to make your […]

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Those “to be defined” and low budget castings

You’ve come to that moment of your voice over career where you know your experience is worth much more than that of newbie or amateur talents. And maybe you […]

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A Quality Voice Over in Advertising

Voice overs are both an art form and a powerful marketing tool. When it comes to marketing, amateur voice overs simply don’t cut it.

Voice overs are an integral part […]

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    The Importance of a Professional Voice Over in Movie Trailers

The Importance of a Professional Voice Over in Movie Trailers

If you don’t want to ruin your good video with bad narration, it’s important to find the right voice for your movie trailer. A professional regards his/her voice as […]

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