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voice over coach naomi mercer

Voice123 premium member and voice coach Naomi Mercer

A couple weeks ago, I received an email from Voice123 about their upcoming price increase. Now, generally speaking, I’m the first to start griping about rates going up.  I’m frugal by nature, and I’m always reluctant to drop more money into my career since, let’s face it, most things have such a poor ROI (return on investment).  I remember having that feeling of reluctance when I first joined Voice123.com back in 2004.

I had taken several classes on voice over technique, paid for a demo and several submissions to all the agencies in the greater Los Angeles area, but still couldn’t get my hands on any auditions.  When someone recommended Voice123.com I thought to myself, “If I have to spend one more dime on this without seeing any results, I swear….”  However, since it came on a recommendation from the only casting director I got any work from, I saved up my waitress tips and gave it a try.

Within the first few weeks I made my money back. For the remainder of that year, every dollar I made via Voice123.com was pure profit.  A definite return on my investment!

When I was asked what I thought about this recent price increase, I did a little research to discover that this is the first time they have raised their prices since 2007.  One increase in 6 years!? Seems pretty reasonable to me. One of the arguments folks seem to be making is that even though the number of projects has increased, so has the number of talents. I asked Tara Tyler of Voice123 about this and she sent this info:

voice over projects per talent

So, even though the number of projects has increased, the number of premium members has remained pretty steady. There are way more jobs available per premium voice actor compared to 6 years ago!

Here’s another way I look at it: let’s say I made as much money from my agents (I’m rep’d with an agent in Seattle, San Francisco, LA, Minneapolis, Houston and Portland) as I do from my Voice123 profile.  I have agreements with all of my agents to give them 10% of any job I book through them.  If I had to pay Voice123 10% of all the work I get via the site, it would be WAY more than $395 in a year!

The last comparison I will make is that of other online websites.  I pay over $2,000 per year to be a member with one website and the jobs on Voice123 are consistently higher budgets with less people submitting for them.

The short answer on how I feel about the price increase of Voice123 from $295 to $395?  I feel just fine, thank you.