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The One Secret to Social Media Success as a Voice Actor

If there’s one thing I’ve discovered in my years as a full time voice actor it’s that, as a community, we’re really awesome at networking…with ourselves. I wouldn’t even want […]

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Recipe for Voice Over Demo Success – Part 2

If you missed part one, read it here first!
Why isn’t my demo getting me voice over work?
By Voice123 Voice Actor and Voice Over Coach Deb Munro

1 produced demo
1 online casting site
1 computer
Thousands of emails

Put it all together and you should have voice over jobs, right?

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How to Get a Voice Over That Sounds like Apple

So, you’re looking for a voice that sounds like an “Apple” ad, huh? Here’s how to ensure you get just the right voice for your commercial, video, or whatever […]

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What is Voice Over and How Do You Become a Voice Actor?

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By Bettye Zoller Seitz, Voice over coach and Voice123 voice actor since 2003
What Is A Voice Over?
Radio is the ultimate voice over. It has often been […]

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Recipe for an Awesome Voice Over Demo – Part One

Not sure what makes a great voice acting demo? How long should it be? What should I include? How do I know if this is what clients want to […]

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Understanding the Voice Actor: An Article for Your Family

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Today’s guest post comes from voice over coach and Voice123 voice actress Deb Munro. This is a fantastic article that I read last […]

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How to get Testimonials from your Voiceover Clients

Earlier this week, we posted a blog on how NOT to market yourself as a freelance voice actor. Today, we wanted to share this great blog post from Voice123 […]

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Choosing Copy that Speaks to You as a Voice Actor

You’re a commercial voice over artist, a speaker of life-enhancing opportunities and stories. But, which creative scenarios best suit your unique sound?  What products match your personality?  And how […]

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    Humm…What’s the problem? How to reduce noise in your recordings

Humm…What’s the problem? How to reduce noise in your recordings

On the heels of other recent expansions of their executive team, David Goldberg, founder and Chief Edge Officer of Edge Studio, announces the appointment of George Whittam as Director of […]

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You’ve Got Voice Over: I Wanted It to be Me

I Wanted It To Be Me So Badly
You’ve Got Mail is, quite possibly, one of the greatest romantic movies ever made. How’s that for an opening line on a voice over […]

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