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Happy Client

Earlier this week, we posted a blog on how NOT to market yourself as a freelance voice actor. Today, we wanted to share this great blog post from Voice123 Voice Actor Marc Scott on a good way to market your voice over business: testimonials from satisfied clients.

How To Get Client Testimonials by Marc Scott

If you’ve ever checked out the pages on my site where I post projects I’ve worked on, you’ll notice that about 90% of them include some kind of client testimonial–just a quick sentence or two from the client on my work and/or service. A fellow colleague asked me the other day, “How do you get all those testimonials?”

Please understand that I’m not trying to be a wise @$$ with this response. But, frankly, the answer isn’t a profound as you might think or hope or expect. In fact, it’s actually quite simple.

I ask.

Seriously. That’s all there is to it. If you want a client testimonial… just ask!

Earn A Testimonial

In my experience, a client is almost always willing to offer a testimonial… if you earn it! How can you earn it? Well, there are a number of ways:

  • Provide exceptional service.
  • Deliver on time.
  • Deliver on budget.
  • Do what you say you’ll do.
  • Promote their video on your site.

In my experience, a client is almost always willing to offer a testimonial… if you earn it!

All of this stuff should be pretty straightforward. But sometimes it’s good to have that reminder. My history in the business tells me that if I take care of my client, my client will take care of me. A testimonial of a few sentences is almost always something they’re willing to provide.

Are Testimonials Worth It?

In a word. Yes!

Next to demos and samples of your work, which will, for the most part, speak for themselves, testimonials can go a long way to closing a deal with a potential new client who may be doing their research on you. Think of it as references on your resume. When potential clients can read direct quotes from other happy clients who have already worked with you, it might help convince them to work with you. It helps set their mind at ease, knowing they’re in for a good experience.

You can use these testimonials not only on your website, Voice123 profile, but on your social media profiles, and even as tweets you can schedule out (a tool like Buffer or Hootsuite is great for that).

QUESTION: Do you use testimonials?

About Marc:

marc-scottMarc Scott voiced his first commercial back in 1995 and hasn’t stopped since. He’s now a full-time professional voice actor, working with clients like Nikon, Samsung, Toshiba, Health Canada, as well as radio and television stations around the world. When he’s not behind the microphone, he can be found fighting fires as a voulenteer firefighter