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So, you’re looking for a voice that sounds like an “Apple” ad, huh? Here’s how to ensure you get just the right voice for your commercial, video, or whatever you’re producing. Plus, some bonus tips to voice actors on getting that sound.

apple voices

But Which Apple Voice?

by Voice123 Voice Actor Marc Scott

There are a couple of references that I, as a voice talent, see on Voice123 more than any other. As long as I’ve been in this business people have always been looking for someone who sounds like Morgan Freeman. Understandable, I suppose. He does have an amazing voice and delivery.

After Dennis Leary became the voice of the Ford F-150 that became another popular reference. That tough guy, attitude, in-your-face type read.

Then there’s Apple. Now, I should preface this by stating, for the record, that I’m an Apple Fanboy. There’s no denying that basically every ad campaign they’ve ever come out with has been brilliant in it’s own way.


Knowing this, it’s no surprise to me when I see things like, “Think Apple,” or “We want something Applesque,” or “We want a voice like the Apple ads,” written into the job instructions on Voice123 projects.

There’s one problem with these instructions. Unlike Morgan Freeman, who always sounds like Morgan Freeman, and unlike Dennis Leary, who always sounds like Dennis Leary, Apple doesn’t always use the same voice.

For example, take the new iPad Air commercials. You might recognize that voice as being starkly similar to Walter White from Breaking Bad fame. That’s because the spots were voiced by none other than Bryan Cranston. How do you deliver this read? Think soft-spoken storyteller.

How about when Apple introduced the iPhone 5. Those commercials took the world by storm. Within a day of their debut everybody wanted a voice over that sounded just like them. Know who voiced those spots? That would be Dumb and Dumber’s Harry Dunne, otherwise known as Jeff Daniels. How do you deliver this one? This is more of a casual guy-next-door feel.

Are you a Mac? Or are you a PC? Justin Long is a Mac. He was a Mac for years. Nearly 70 commercials in fact. It was an award winning campaign, and perhaps one of the first campaigns that aired when I personally started to see voice seekers reference the Apple style voice or Apple style delivery. For this read, just think light and casual and fun.

How to Get the Right Apple Voice

If you are a producer, looking to get that “Apple” sound, providing great direction is key! Providing good direction is an essential part of any voice over job posting, but especially these styles of ads. Offering a reference is one great way to get talent headed in the right direction. The catch is, when you provide that reference, make sure you’re specific.

If you watched all the different Apple campaigns you’d realize very quickly that each one has a unique voice. A unique style. A unique delivery. Asking for “Applesque” isn’t enough.

The best tip I can offer as a voice talent… link us! If there’s a particular voice you like, a particular commercial you want to use as the inspiration, look it up on YouTube and include the link in your job description. I did the hard work for you and included links to YouTube for all the ads mentioned in the first part of the post.

That quick and simple step will ensure you get auditions that are closer to what you’re looking for. That means less time spent sifting through bad auditions and more quality options to consider for your project.

Voice actors – remember, the reason why these ads are so popular is because of the particular personality of the voice actor. Don’t try to be an imitation. Potential clients are looking for more than a great voice, they want to hear your great personality shining through. These types of “conversational / casual” reads are sometimes called the “hardest” to do, but you should convince yourself that they are actually the easiest. Why? It’s just you being you behind the mic. Oh, and don’t forget to smile. :)