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Ah yes… ’tis the season!

Santa Claus

No. Not that season. He can wait a few more months. Put your decorations away. You can start your shopping if you really want. But seriously, put your decorations away. That’s not the season I’m talking about!

I’m talking about beaches and camping. Disney and RV’ing. Backyard hammocks and barbecues and bonfires. Road trip, anyone?!

It’s summer vacation season! The kids are out of school, the bags are packed, the flight or cruise or hotel or campsite is booked and you’re ready to hit the open road for anywhere other than your home and office and studio!

Happy trails! But before you go… one thing…

Arriving at Camp

Leaving Work Behind

As entrepreneurs, we know that a steady pay cheque doesn’t come just because we show up to our job each day. No, for us, we only get paid when we work! So the idea of taking a week or two off can be intimidating for some..

What if a client comes calling?

What if I miss a great job?

What if I lose that money?

Those are the kinds of questions that can quickly ruin your happy summer vacation spirit. Nobody wants to be stressing about work or losing money when they’re supposed to be sun-tanning, roasting weenies, getting lost on a hiking trail or floating in an oversized tube down the lazy river!

Vacation Notice For Clients

The question then becomes, is there a way to avoid losing jobs and leaving money on the table?

I believe the answer is, “YES!”

Hopefully at this stage in your career you’ve nurtured relationships with some regular clients. The ones that just send work through your door. They’re your bread and butter. The steady stream of income you’ve worked so hard to build.

Before you head out on your summer vacation, let them know you’re going! This gives them the opportunity to pre-plan for any upcoming projects they may be planning to send your way. Either they can bump up the project and catch you before you leave, or postpone the project so it’s waiting when you come back!

If you’re their “go-to” guy or girl, in my experience, clients are happy to work to accommodate. It’s in their best interests because they know you’re professional and reliable.

Working Vacation

At this point I know there are some of you that are already saying, “but that’s why I’ve got my road gear.”

That, my friends, is another debate for another day. Consider this, though. By giving your clients advanced notice of your absence, and pre-planning to work around it, wouldn’t it be nice to take a vacation where you actually vacationed? Where you just devoted your time to your family? Where there was no need for road gear?

Wherever your travels may take you this summer, have fun, be safe and if at all possible, leave the microphone behind and enjoy yourself! You’ve earned it! ;)