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Of course we think that Voice123.com is the best place to market your voice online, but we also know that running a successful voice over business means getting your voice out there in as many channels as possible. In today’s guest post from voice actor Marc Scott, he talks about some non-voice over specific sites that can still help your career.

Five Other Places You Can Post Your Voice Over Work

by Marc Scott

In the voice over business you live and die by your demo(s). Get them heard by the right people and work can come in abundance. But slack on your marketing efforts and, well… can anybody else hear those crickets?

"Sharing Is Caring - Fotosöndag" by Niklas Wikström

“Sharing Is Caring – Fotosöndag” by Niklas Wikström

Odds are you’ve got your demos posted on your personal web site and you should, of course, have them posted right here on voice123.com too. However, there are a few other places where you can share your demos that you might not have considered.

YouTube: It’s the second largest search engine on the web. Over 6 billion – yes, that’s billion with a B – hours of video are watched on YouTube each month. Are your voice over demos included in that number? Making video versions of your demos opens you up to a monthly audience of 1 billion unique visitors!

For more YouTube publicity, you can share projects you’ve booked on Voice123 on their YouTube channel. Just get permission from the client to share it and send the link to the video, along with some info about the project, to help@voice123.com.

Facebook: There are over 1.3 billion active users on Facebook each month. In other words, a lot of potential clients! If you have a page set up for your business, it’s another great place to share your voice over demos. You can share video versions or audio versions. Speaking of Facebook pages, if you don’t have one, perhaps it’s a marketing tool you want to consider.

LinkedIn: At just under 300 million users, LinkedIn might be a smaller social network, but don’t underestimate its value. It’s a professional network, used by professionals, professionals who hire voice actors daily! Did you know you can link media files from your LinkedIn profile? You can include them right in your “Experience” section. That’s prime real estate for your demos!

Pinterest: It’s not just a site for sharing recipes and motivational quotes. It’s also home to 70 million users. No doubt, some of those people could use professional voice over services. You can set up a Pinterest board to share your demos. You could set up a board to share your work. Having your work collected in one place is also an easy way to share it with potential clients.

Soundcloud: Want a great place to post your demos that makes sharing easy? Set up a Soundcloud account. Using the embed feature and sharing tools you can post your demos just about anywhere including your personal site and every major social network. It’s also a search engine. You can never be listed in too many search engines!

Sharing Your Voice123 Profile

You can also share your Voice123 profile page on your social media sites. All Voice123 members, Standard (free) and Premium, get an easy to remember URL (you can even change it to whatever you’d like). Mine is http://voice123.com/marcscott. This is handy because when a potential client clicks, they will see your experience and demos all in one place. Plus, there’s a nice button right under your headshot that says “Hire (Your Name Here)”. As a Premium member, I also have a nice big button on my Voice123 profile that says “Make a Payment to Marc Scott.” Pretty convenient. Check it out here.

Here’s a handy tutorial on how to find and share your Voice123 profile:

Happy demo sharing! May your efforts be fruitful!