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Finding scripts that speak to you

You’re a commercial voice over artist, a speaker of life-enhancing opportunities and stories. But, which creative scenarios best suit your unique sound?  What products match your personality?  And how would you identify your talents?  Finding your voice, your audience, and the copy that speaks to you requires both patience and practice.  It’s a journey of growth and discovery sure to stretch your skills, and fulfill your passion for VO acting.

You can have the most beautiful voice on the planet. But, more than your voice, it’s your “vocal personality” that clients are buying. So, why audition for scripts where you feel no connection? Remember, your time is as valuable as your potential client’s!  Auditioning for the wrong scripts can lead to frustrating relationships, lots of revisions, and loss of business down the road.  Using generic scripts that fail to showcase your personality in your demo can also cost you.  How do you know if a given script or project is right for you?

Who are you behind the mic – the girl next door, the caring mom of four, the home repair pro or the student on the go?

Example Scripts to Try

Are you believable:

While versatility is vital, it’s essential to recognize and highlight your core strengths. Ultimately, it’s your comfort level with your copy, voice and personality that will determine your effectiveness in communicating and connecting with your audience.

Whether you’re speaking as you, or someone you’re tying to portray, using scripts allowing you to showcase your true emotional and vocal range is key for success.  From the hottest clothing fashions, to the newest medical treatments, to the latest auto innovations, your options are endless.  But, obviously not every product suits every voice actor. What adjectives would best describe your emoting abilities – conversational, authoritative, energetic, casual, serious, sarcastic, friendly, sexy, young, mature, etc.? Learning to interpret copy and lend the right mood to the read requires great commitment, training and practice. But, in the end, it’s time well spent towards building and enjoying a rewarding voice over career.

When choosing scripts to showcase your voice, it all comes down to finding and maintaining the balance between varying your tone, and staying true to your vocal range.  Playing to your personality and strengths is easiest with a blend of copy that suits your abilities or relates to your personal experience.  With a grasp on your sound, a willingness to grow, and an appreciation of your talents, you’re in position to joyously create your voice acting dream.

About Shawn Kohn -

Shawn is a trusted Voice123 ‘Script Bank’ contributor, and the Owner & Founder of ScriptSkills – a proven copywriting resource for engaging and effective radio, TV and message-on-hold creative.  For solutions to enhancing brands and driving sales, or to post your personal voice over website link, please contact Shawn@ScriptSkills.com.

photo credit: Robbert van der Steeg via photopin cc