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50 shades of voice over voice123

After listening to 147 auditions, we were finally able to narrow down the finalists and choose the grand prize winners for our Fifty Shades of Voice Over contest! Some were sexy, some were funny, some were just downright bizarre, but it was, for sure, a very tough decision!

Winners in the “Guys” category

I must say that the guys really, really impressed me! Some of you really went above and beyond. I’m sad that we could only choose 6 winners.

Grand prize winner of a one year premium Voice123 subscription: N. Berk!

Congrats on really capturing the essence of the Christian Gray character. The ladies on the team agreed that this was the voice they heard in their head while reading the books. You brought out the authority, sexiness, and power of Christian. Great work! Listen to the winning audition!

Runners-up and winners of a 30 day premium Voice123 subscription:

Jay Atherton. Presenting “Fifty Shades on the High Seas”, the pirate version! Listen here.

Eduardo Ruales. It doesn’t matter that I don’t speak Spanish that well, I could listen to him read to me all day! Wow. Listen here.

Grant Johnson. The fact that everyone on the team burst out laughing when we played this one deserves some kudos! In fact, I’m pretty sure one of us spit coffee all over when we hit the play button. Listen here.

RJ Woessner. The subtle, but powerful, undertones in his voice was something that drew us to this one. Great job! Listen here.

Alex Behar. We couldn’t believe the “Most Interesting Man in the World” would audition for our contest!! Listen here.

Winners in the Ladies category

Way to go girls! Putting your inhibitions aside and becoming someone else is the reason why many of us get into voice acting in the first place. This contest really brought out the “inner goddess” in many of you!

Grand prize winner of a one year premium Voice123 subscription: Kathy Bell Denton

Kathy really got into the character without being too obvious. I knew Kathy was the winner when I saw how the eyes of our male team members lit up when we hit the play button! I think it was the subtle sophistication that drew our ears in. Listen to the winning audition here!

Runners-up and winners of a 30 day premium Voice123 subscription:

Christina Smith. The vulnerability and passion in her voice really captured the character at that moment. Great job! Listen here.

Natalie B. Sexy accent + awesome acting chops = awesome. Listen here.

Alexa Hamilton (Alexa Inc.) Alexa really brought energy as well as sexiness to the read. Listen here.

Jordan Parrish. Jordan did a great job of bringing passion to the read without “overselling” it. Listen here.

Tina Marie Murray. The deep, gravel in her voice really captured our attention (especially the guys on the team)! Listen here.