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It’s been a while since we’ve had a contest here at Voice123 and with Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, we thought we’d show our voice actors some love with the chance to win three months of Voice123 Premium!

Contest Details

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is on the way (it’s February 14th guys; make yourself a reminder now!). After talking with the team here at Voice123, we discovered that we all have things we love and hate about Valentine’s and some of them were pretty funny. I thought, why not compile some of our favorites, get them voiced from our awesome voice actors, and put into a fun video we can share with the world? We want to hear your thoughts too! What do you love/hate about Valentine’s??

Contest Rules

The voice overs will be used to create a blog post and video presentation to be released on Valentine’s Day of course! Have fun and feel free to make up your own!

  • Standard (free) members and Premium members can enter!
  • English with any accent is okay
  • Auditions must be submitted by midnight PST on Sunday, February 9th. Winners will be chosen by the Voice123 team on Monday, February 10, 2014.
  • This is just for fun. Winning VOs will be used in animated presentations and shared on social media, this blog, YouTube, and other sites around the Interwebz.
  • Feel free to make up your own responses! The funnier, cuter, sweeter, sillier, more creative, the better!

How does the Bunny Inc. team feel about the most romantic day of the year?  I got quite the mixed reaction! I don’t want to give away ALL the fun responses I got from the team but here are a few examples:

Things we love:

Voice123 Things we love valentines

  • I love Valentine’s day because I get to send my fiancé the biggest bouquet of flowers to her office and exert my dominance as the best SO (significant other) in town.
  • I love Valentine’s Day because I KNOW every girl who goes out tonight is SINGLE!
  • I love Valentine’s day because I can ask for the wildest things and know that I’m going to get it ;)
  • I love Valentine’s Day because I can see men carrying around bouquet of flowers and balloons everywhere.

Things we hate:

Voice123 things we hate valentines

  • I hate Valentine’s Day because it’s impossible to get a restaurant reservation at a half-decent place.
  • I hate that Valentine’s Day is on a Friday because it makes me think I can get lucky, when I probably won’t.
  • I hate Valentine’s Day because my single friends are even more “girl power” and needy on this day.
  • I hate Valentine’s day because everything is Pepto-Bismol pink. Yuck.

Add your own response!

Here’s how to audition:

GUYS – You can audition by clicking the link below and entering the code 24DCE2

GUYS ONLY – click here to audition

GALS – You can audition by clicking the link below and entering the code 1EF727

GALS ONLY – click here to audition

The most important rules of this contest: HAVE FUN! BE CREATIVE!

Good luck! We will be sharing all of the auditions so you can choose your favorites as well. :)

Oh, and love it or hate it, Happy Valentine’s Day from Voice123!

photo credits: bored-now via photopin cc
Brandon Christopher Warren via photopin cc
Free Grunge Textures – www.freestock.ca via photopin cc