We want this blog to be about you! Do you have something you would like to write about that gives the voice over community something they can use?

If you blog, coach, teach, or have an amazing voice over story we think you will enjoy this! Please read on!

Why not start a conversation?

  • Write something that everyone can talk about and in the process, the conversation helps everyone in the voice industry!

Ideal Length?

  • No, we don’t ask you to edit yourself. But we want you to be aware of the reader and how much they will want to read into what you offer!
  • Aim for 500-750 words.

Content ideas?

  • Anything voice over related!
  • This is a big, yet somewhat small business, and there is plenty to talk about!
  • We should stay within the realm of voice overs though!
  • Photos and videos are welcome!
  • Remember over 100,000 people will see it, so keep your reader in mind always!

Ummm…content that is a no-can-do

  • Self-promotion of you or another service.
  • Promoting or inviting people to classes or workshops
  • Illegal, copyrighted content
  • Content attacking people or their personal beliefs

We do want the whole family to enjoy this blog! If something written raises an eyebrow, it is ok, we can discuss your ideas via email!

General thoughts on why you should try this!

  • Position yourself as a “thought leader” of the voice over business.
  • The entire voice community will hear about it via email newsletters
  • Being ‘pro-social’ is a wonderful way to network through simple conversation!

Interested yet? If so…

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All the best to the future writers on this blog, and we look forward to discussing your articles!