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A Voice For Every Need: Voiceovers For Audiobooks

A great story deserves a great voice! The best voice talents for audio books can be found on Voice123. Add the emotion your story needs, and feel the story […]

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Voice123 Tech Tip for Job Posting: ‘Details Rule!’

If you have ever posted a job, and found it received a small response, sometimes the best thing to do is take a look at the project description and […]

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Voice Over Job Not Seeing Many Responses?

Voice123 offers customer service for voice seekers (voice over job poster) at the creation of a project, but did you know we also do our best to assist during […]

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Thoughts on Most Recent Voice123 Voice Over Project

This past week, due to an upcoming change in our phone system, I had the opportunity to post a voice over job on Voice123, which you can see here. […]

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Ranking System Change on Voice123

Voice123 created the Ranking System as a form of ‘keeping you connected to the very voice talent you enjoyed listening to while using Voice123.’Each time you use Voice123 […]

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Not Hearing What You Expected? We Will Help!

The Voice123 SmartCast system is an automated system set up to match your project request to the profiles of Voice123 voice talent. Voice123 also offers a search feature where […]

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The Diverse Languages of Voice123

Did you know that based on private messages, private projects (aka SmartCast disabled projects), and SmartCast projects, it is estimated that over 2500 voice over jobs pass through the […]

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Voice123 Update: Seeing Stars on Project Details? No worries!

Voice123 recently made a small adjustment to the way voice over project details are viewed on Voice123. We did this to allow for voice seekers to protect the privacy […]

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5 Reasons Why Hiring Voice123 Talent is the Smart Choice

1. Speed – Voice123 is still the first and fastest online casting site for voice talent. Our SmartCast technology cuts down the amount of time it takes to find […]

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Voice123 Facts About Posting a Voice Over Project

Voice123 is the fastest, most efficient way to connect job posters (the voice seeker) with professional voice over talent.Did you know? After a project is posted on Voice123 during […]

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