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A Voice For Every Need: Voice Overs for Video Games

The interactive entertainment or video game industry, considered by many to be a simple curiosity in the 1970’s has blossomed into the largest entertainment industry, today, surpassing even blockbuster […]

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Online Voice Casting: Workflow Perspectives

I work as Community Development Manager for Voice123. For a very brief period of time in 2003, I worked as an assistant to an agent. Watching the […]

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Does Your Book Need A Little Audio?

Voice123 is the #1 place for finding voice talent to be the next voice of your book! Audiobooks are a great way to emphasize text, and make your book […]

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A Voice for Every Need: Voice Overs for IVR, Phone Systems, and More!

Being placed ‘on-hold’ is unpleasant for everyone, so if people are calling your company you may want to have a nice voice message to welcome them. Let them know […]

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Usage Tip For Voice Job Posting: Enough Already

At Voice123, we do our best to make sure that all business transactions occur without the possible issue of someone saying, “Oh, I must have missed […]

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Usage Tips: SmartCast ‘Generally Speaking’

After doing a webinar recently for Voice123, I began to see that what this blog may be missing are some direct explanations and unspoken secrets of working on […]

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A Voice for Every Need: Voice Overs for Movie Trailers

In a world or maybe just a website with a search feature…You will find your movie trailer voice overs are right here at Voice123!With a combination of ‘voice’ & […]

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Voice Seeker Survey: You Prefer Quality!

Keeping it real…short:Not to long ago, a survey was sent out to all those currently posting jobs on Voice123 to find voice over talent. We asked […]

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Tech Tip: About SmartCast Usage

Finding Voice Talent:When you post a job on Voice123, and decide to use SmartCast technology, you should know that if there are less than ten premium subscribers who match […]

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The Best Way To Find Voice Talent

Voice123 offers technology that makes finding your next voice talent easier than ever before! Here is why:Speed:Fastest online casting site for voice talent. SmartCast technology cuts down time […]

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