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Starkist Wants Tunas That Sound Good

In most cases, when one hires talent from an online casting service, the talent will be recording the actual work in their home studio. Having waded through hundreds of […]

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    Meet Henry, our new project manager for Voice123 version 3.0

Meet Henry, our new project manager for Voice123 version 3.0

By now you probably realized that the TurboSmartCast video was a hoax. The end of the video, however, is for real: Voice123 version 3.0. We already […]

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    How you, the voice seeker, can help improve quality of auditions

How you, the voice seeker, can help improve quality of auditions

Voice123 has seen you, “the voice seeker” post close to 30,000 voice over jobs since January 2010, and you have heard many auditions in the process. During this […]

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Will you work on some ‘night moves’ if we do?

Two years ago, we experimented with being open 24/7 to see if this was something that would help keep voice over work coming in. We found out […]

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How hiding your business name can affect your auditions

Voice123 uses an automated casting system, SmartCast, to achieve targeted results for your needs. There is a section that allows you to hide your business name during job […]

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Here’s listening to you kid

In Voice123, you can save voice talent as ‘preferred’ to keep track of them, and avoid those dramatic Casablanca feelings of, ‘Will we ever hear each other again?’. Indeed, […]

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A Voice For Every Need: Voices For Commercials

Announcing, hard-sell, real, conversational, and energetic voices will help your product stand out above the rest. The selection of the right voice over for your commercial is critical. Many […]

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If I Was An Agent…Why I Would Use Voice123

I had this conversation with some Voice123 staff over dinner last Friday: “If I was an agent, I would be using Voice123 everyday.” Here is why:

Union-friendly job […]

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Is Seeking Voice Talent Like Ordering Pizza?

The idea for this blog came from an experience with trying to use The Dominos Pizza online ordering website, while working late one night last week.

The Common Thread
Pizza and […]

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A Voice For Every Need: Voices for Documentaries

Did you ever need someone to translate the feeling behind something that is happening, or has happened in the past? If so, you need someone who has great voice […]

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