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Voice123 hears of great stories where voice over talent helped voice seekers, beyond the call of voice over duty. Recently, voice talent Brian Egan shared feedback from a voice seeker in which, beyond simple script reading, Brian helped a client who hired him by helping to write script, assistance, and co-producing. The premier is tomorrow, and this very excited client had the following to say:

“I am really thrilled to have met Brian Egan and work with him as my narrator and post-producer. He has not only a skill with voice over, but his talents as a screenplay writer and a post-producer are second to none. It wasn’t just me writing the script (although I wrote about 95% of it out of my own knowledge as a scientist) but Brian Egan contributed significantly to making the script more understandable to the public and adding in pieces to make the story “flow.”

Mr. Egan’s attention to detail and perfectionist-nature lent themselves to the both of us really producing a very polished movie, and I am thrilled to have him be my main narrator and post-producer. He has really adopted this project as if it was his very own work.

-Professor Brian Hart, Lipscomb University
Astronomer and Producer, Director”

You can view a sample of the movie here:


Professor Brian Hart expresses more in detail what took place on this Facebook page.

Are you a voice seeker with a great story about hiring a client? Please share with us!