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Stop “Over-thinking” Your Home Voice Over Studio

This post is an update of a series of posts written by Dan Lenard for Voice123. People new to a home voice over studio, whether they’re a newbie or an experienced voice actor, are filled with wonder at the ability to do it at home. With that wonder comes the technology behind it, and the…

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Hey! Keep the noise down! by Dan Lenard, Home Studio Master

So last week we peered into Marc Cahsman’s Fortress of Solitude. The follow-up oohs and ah’s from everyone’s comments showed a lot of “studio envy.”   But I promised I’d start throwing out some ideas on how you can lower your noise floor in an economical way or without building a new wing to your house….

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Building a pro soundbooth at low cost by Scott Gorman

Voice123 loves hearing from voice talent when they have blogs that they wish to share with us for the entire community of voice over talent!  Today, we wish to share a great blog provided by voice talent, Scott “Scotty G.” Gorman. He wrote us and shared pics of how he built his voice over booth!…

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To Slate, or Not to Slate? A Common Voice Over Question

There are varying opinions as to why or why not someone should slate in an online audition. The truth is… with any creative field, you never have a definitive ‘right way’, but there is always a definite ‘wrong way’. This week, we examine ‘slating’ and why or why it is not done. Why? It was…

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