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Stop “Over-thinking” Your Home Voice Over Studio

This post is an update of a series of posts written by Dan Lenard for Voice123. People new to a home voice over studio, whether they’re a newbie or an experienced voice actor, are filled with wonder at the ability to do it at home. With that wonder comes the technology behind it, and the…

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Mac vs. PC for Voice Over Work?

Before we get to this week’s home studio tip, I wanted to let you know that we’re presenting a special online workshop with our Home Studio Master, Dan Lenard, this Tuesday evening called, “Building a Home Studio on a Budget.” Dan will give you some tips and advice on microphones, acoustic treatment, recording software, and…

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Hey! Keep the noise down! by Dan Lenard, Home Studio Master

So last week we peered into Marc Cahsman’s Fortress of Solitude. The follow-up oohs and ah’s from everyone’s comments showed a lot of “studio envy.”   But I promised I’d start throwing out some ideas on how you can lower your noise floor in an economical way or without building a new wing to your house….

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