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Have you seen this? The story behind Voice123

The year was 2002. Tania and I had recently married and moved to New York City. Tania was working at Banana Republic as a sales associate. I was freelancing as a “webmaster” and online marketing consultant for multiple clients. I was working from our 35 square meters (380 square foot) studio in Flushing, Queens near…

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Let us introduce you to the GVAA Rate Guide!

In this post, we want to present you an incredibly valuable resource. It provides a significant opportunity for everyone in the business to learn about fair rates. David Toback and The Global Voice Acting Academy team built this guide to help anyone interested in the voice over industry to find out how to get the…

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How to get your child into voice acting

This is my son, Rylen. He’s been doing voice overs since he could barely babble! There is a definite demand for child voices and there is definitely good money to be made. In fact, he gets paid more per job than I do. Child voices are more scarce and finding a talented child who also…

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