Before we get to this week’s home studio tip, I wanted to let you know that we’re presenting a special online workshop with our Home Studio Master, Dan Lenard, this Tuesday evening called, “Building a Home Studio on a Budget.” Dan will give you some tips and advice on microphones, acoustic treatment, recording software, and of course, you’ll get the chance to ask him some questions about your home studio. This workshop is just $49 for Voice123 members. Click here for all the details and to register!


This week, our Home Studio Master says, “let the sparks fly!” as he tackles the Mac vs. PC debate. Which is better for voice actors? In this video, Dan covers the pros and cons of each operating system for recording professional voice over work and tells you his choice.

Dan Lenard Home StudioHere at Voice123, we get tons of questions every day on how to build a home studio, choosing equipment, troubleshooting, etc. Luckily, we have a great friend that is THE home studio master! Dan Lenard offers home studio consultations, is an expert at troubleshooting your audio woes, and hosts East West AUDIO Body Shop Monday nights at 9pm EST, 6pm PST. Find out more about Dan’s services here.

Are you a Mac or PC? Why?